Reading 0-10V sensor

With what kind of device can I read a 0-10V sensor (eg temperature, wind speed…)? I would like to use it in openHAB offcourse :grin:

I don’t really expect to this to be what you looking for. Anyway: if you are running z-wave with openHAB already, this fibaro device might be a solution.
It’s an expensive solution, but it’s doing fine. If you don’t run z-wave up to now, it wil be an extraordinary expensive solution. ^^

You could search for arduino solutions for this, then put code on an esp8266 for Wifi and mqtt.

I have read stuff like this using and adc and a voltage divider.

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Also forgot I believe esp home software may be able to read a sensor with 8266. You would have to google to find out.

The traditional way would be with Modbus modules. Quality industrial devices are costly, but cheap Chinese modules are available via Aliexpress etc.for wired RS485 connection.