Reading/parsing the device information

Hello everyone,

I am new on openhab and I love it despite some xxx numbers of hours trying to understand why I can’t display the Temperature of my device on my Basic UI…

I see the Information on my MQTT sent by the device.

The sitemap is pretty simple ;

and the item is as simple as a musique note.

I have tried the other method :default]" } nothing!!!
Here I’m also trying to get the Uptime of one of my Sonoff…which is the simplest thing to do. No way!

I am getting nothing on my Classic UI for example

As you can see the MQTT is working good on my RaspberryPI along with OH2.

The Mqtt Action is turned OFF,

All Transformations are INSTALLED…just in case.

Thank you for your help guys!!!.


in SonoffSC_DWS item definition please remove “sensor:” before JSONPATH, then it should work.
See my example:

Number  BME680_Temp "BME Temp [%.1f °C]" (gEasy) { mqtt="<[wrt:tele/Kornel/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.BME680.Temperature)]"}

Don’t give up!

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For SoffUptime item you have to correct definition, change [%. Minutes] to [%d Hours]. I belive sonoff-tasmota is reporting uptime in hours, not minutes, unless you modified code.

Number SoffUptime "Sonoff-Uptime [%d Hours]" <clock> {mqtt.....}

Good luck!

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Waaaaaa Kluszczyn you made my day Bro!!!

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Thank you!!!

@Saladin can you please share which sensor ur using which provide airquality,noise,light,humidity and temp? is it one or more?