Ready to join the openHAB Foundation?

That’s called “Constitutional Monarchy”.

:smile: just kidding :wink:


I think Kai could wear the title “president of openHAB Foundation” better then another person that spams the news today :wink:

The star is actually identifying repo maintainers, i.e. all the guys who deal not only with their own code, but help others to get their contributions right and merged. Go ahead and help publishing myOH and you can earn a star as well :slight_smile:

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There should be a discount for students on the full membership. I use OH for a really long time and would support you, but like in any other charity organization, there should be discounts for young people. But if I were a (smart) house owner with the relating income, 10€ are appropriate.

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@sptzdmnc There are good options for students as well! Either go for a sustaining membership, which is only 2€/month, which should be fine for most students as well.

Alternatively - and this is probably the more interesting option for both sides - students have something that most others (especially smart home owners! - I guess my late reply to your comment proves the point!) do NOT have: Time!
Our constitution allows waiving the membership fees if a member compensates it by taking on tasks. What tasks this might be has to be decided on an individual basis and it requires a board approval, but it is definite possible.
And believe me, there are a million things to do: Caring about the infrastructure, the website, event organisation, design and marketing activities, etc. Anyone that would like to help this way is invited to write a PM to with his suggestions/skills!

@Kai I also am not comfortable sending my very personal details (like bank account) over an unencrypted channel. It would be very convenient if you provide a way to securely send in membership applications.

One option would be to provide a PGP key.

(I am especially mentioning this since Germany is known for its very strict privacy policies)

Hey Robert,

These are your options:

Looking forward to your application :thumbsup:


Ready to join :slight_smile:

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The link to the membership form in the first msg is broken…

@Kai @hmerk is it possible to transition the pdf form to a web based form to make it easier for people to apply for membership to the foundation?


If I am in the SEPA Region: Can I use paypal?

@Dim no, we need the form with a handwritten signature for the SEPA direct debit procedure.
And a second no, if you are in the SEPA region, we don‘t accept PayPal for membership fees. Sorry.

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Thanks, the url has changed indeed when the website was relaunched. I’ve now updated the link!

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Is there a secure online form to submit these details? Or do I need to email the form?

Unfortunately no…

I completed the Form in Adobe, applied an image based electronic signature (alternatively: print the completed form, sign it by hand and then scan it) and finally emailed it back to the foundation (

Thanks. I want to contribute as my house is now up and running, thanks to openHAB :slight_smile:


If you do not want to send it through unencrypted e-mail, please see these other options!

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Guys, @hmerk & @Kai : I know that this is maybe very low in priority this period but it will help a lot if you can make these 2 changes in the future (medium - long term): pop up an https form and allow Pay-Pal from all.

I don’t know what is the impact of these 2 changes with regards to the legislation governing the Foundation but it will definitely make it easier for more people to apply for membership, so it may be worth looking into this.

The current process (hand written signature for direct debit and email) is so 1980s :smiley:

It effectively means that 5-10% of all money contributed will end up in PayPals pockets as fees. We didn’t think this would be wisely spend. If you think there are better options, feel free to discuss them within the foundation and help making them available.

I think it’s more like 3,9% for international + a small fixed fee. Anyway.

Challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue: I will open up a discussion in the private foundation section of the forum.