Really Beginner Question

Hey :smile:

My Problem is… When I install OpenHAB on my Rasperry Pi and my goal is to control my heating.
I surely need something like this:
But how does this communicate with my rasperry pi? … I have no Idea how this should work…

Any help?

Hi Barschtl,

there are various ways to let openHAB talk with Homematic devices.
Some are listed in the wiki under requirements:

Personally i use a Homematic CCU2.
I think the cheapest way is to use a Homematic HM-CFG-USB Stick directly plugged into the Raspberry. But the configuration is a little bit harder.

I have a HM-CFG-USB-2 Stick and no CCU. I found no info how to config this adapter. Is theare any tipp for the configuration for HM-CFG-USB-2?