REaly bigg Noob Need help setting up plex adddon from scratch

Hi Guys

I installed openHAB for the first time. So first thing I wanted to try is using plex add-on. Turns out for me that’s no so easy.
Can anyone please provide a step by step guide on how to set this up. I have looked at the wiki but mostly greek to me I installed the plex add on , chose configure and added the details. but when I try to search for items , nada. how and where do I add my plex players . like the xbox and tv ect. as there anything additional I need to install . I read something about a *.Jar file in the forums. Please help. I’m realy lost.


I think it might be useful to start a little earlier.
Openhab is out there in two different version that are substantially different 1.8x and 2.0.
The newer one is 2.0 obviously and from your post it is unclear which version you are using. if you start from scratch you may want to consider using 2.0 as the other versions sooner or later will not be supported anymore.
The documentation is also in different places, all info related to 2.0 can be found here: (the wiki you mentioned would apply essentially to version 1.8 only) and I would highly encourage you have a look at everything and familiarize yourself with items, things, bindings and user interfaces, etc etc.
In the documentation you will find a very complete example and instruction on how to configure plex, but you will need to know some basics before doing that.
A final remark, be careful when following tips on the forum that you understand to which version they apply (some things apply to both versions, others will work only in the new version, etc).
Hope that helps clarifying the things a little.


I have Openhab 2 installed and setup on a raspberry PI 3 Model B.
I have installed the plex addon
I have added the config details I’m using my token as I use plex premium and have multiple users.
My plex app is installed on my XboxOne and running.
I have also created a “plex.items” as below :

Switch PlexXboxONEPower		"Power"         <video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#power"}
String PlexXboxONEStatus	"Status [%s]"	<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#state"}
String PlexXboxONETitle		"Title [%s]"	<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#title"}
String PlexXboxONEType		"Type [%s]"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#type"}
String PlexXboxONECover		"Cover"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/cover"}

Dimmer PlexXboxONEProgress   "Progress [%.1f%%]"    <video>    {plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/progress"}
DateTime PlexXboxONEEndTime  "End time [%1$tR]"     <video>    {plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/endTime"}

Dimmer PlexXboxONEVolume	"Volume"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/volume"}
Switch PlexXboxONEPause		"Pause"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/pause"}
Switch PlexXboxONEPlay		"Play"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/play"}
Switch PlexXboxONEPlayPause	"PlayPause"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/playpause"}
Switch PlexXboxONEStop		"Stop"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/stop"}

Switch PlexXboxONESelect	"Select"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/select"}
Switch PlexXboxONEBack		"Back"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/back"}
Switch PlexXboxONEUp		"Up"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/moveUp"}
Switch PlexXboxONEDown		"Down"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/moveDown"}
Switch PlexXboxONELeft		"Left"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/moveLeft"}
Switch PlexXboxONERight		"Right"			<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#navigation/moveRight"}

Switch PlexXboxONEForward	"Forward"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/stepForward"}
Switch PlexXboxONEReverse	"Reverse"		<video>		{plex="a4m3lrmu7cp7#playback/stepBack"}

I have also created a sitemap as follows:

sitemap plex label="Main Menu"
	Frame {
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEPower
		Text item=PlexXboxONEStatus
        Slider item=PlexXboxONEProgress visibility=[PlexXboxONEStatus!="Stopped"] 
		Setpoint item=PlexXboxONEProgress visibility=[PlexXboxONEStatus!="Stopped"] minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=1
		Text item=PlexXboxONEEndTime visibility=[PlexXboxONEStatus!="Stopped"]
		Text item=PlexXboxONETitle visibility=[PlexXboxONEStatus!="Stopped"]
		Text item=PlexXboxONEType visibility=[PlexXboxONEStatus!="Stopped"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEPause
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEPlay
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEPlayPause mappings=[ON="¦ ¦"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEStop mappings=[ON="Stop"]
		Slider item=PlexXboxONEVolume
		Switch item=PlexXboxONESelect mappings=[ON="Select"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEBack mappings=[ON="Back"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEUp mappings=[ON="?"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEDown mappings=[ON="?"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONELeft mappings=[ON="?"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONERight mappings=[ON="?"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEForward mappings=[ON="?"]
		Switch item=PlexXboxONEReverse mappings=[ON="?"]

My openhab reconzies the “items” but does not show any “things”. What is my next step where do I see the controls. How do I access the sitemap. I know i’m missing something but any help will be awesome

thx in advance

Thanks for the added info. with my upfront apologies, if I misinterpreted things, but maybe you want to start with setting everything up in the demo environment, just to get acquainted:

Maybe you want to read up on things, channels, items and links;
excerpt from there:
Things are the entities that can be physically added to a system and which can potentially provide many functionalities at once. It is important to note that things do not have to be devices, but they can also represent a web service or any other manageable source of information and functionality. Things provide their functionality through a set of Channels. Channels are “passive” and can be regarded as a declaration of a Thing, what it can offer. It is up to the individual setup, which of the Channels are actively used through Items (see below).

Items represent (fine-grained) functionality that is used by applications - as user interfaces or automation logic. Items have a state and they can receive commands.

The glue between Things and Items are Links. Links are associations between exactly one Thing Channel and one Item. If a Channel is linked to an Item, it is “enabled”, which means that the functionality that the Item represents is handled through the given Channel. Channels can be linked to multiple Items and Items can be linked to multiple Channels.

The easiest entry point for configuring things is the PaperUI:
And here how to create and access your sitemap: