Rebranded Eurotronic spirit z-wave thermostat is „unknown device“

Hey experts,
I bought an „DONEXON VARMO Z-Wave Thermostat - varmo TZ eco“ which is an Eurotronic device.
My already installed Eurotronics work well. But the rebranded are “unknown” and have no channels.

Here my xml:

network___node_6.xml (12.7 KB)

Does it have to been added to the database somehow? How?
Or is there any other issue?

Thanks for your support,

The entry for the Eurotronic Spirit is here. If you are sure it is the same (your XML shows the main channels, but the DB XML has two extra channels that look like for some sort of manual operation- They may or may not work with your device), you can add the number pair 0003:0004 (from your XML) to the existing entry. The blog explains how to get read access and then open a ticket for write access.

Same here… :frowning:
like to have Donexon listed.
To be honest. I see the issue at the vendor site. If they rebrand a device I would expect they take care that the device will be included in the databases… In my opinion, OpenHab is one of the key SW where the device should work without any problems.

The DB is updated by the OH zwave community and the blog noted above explains the process. There does seem to be some apprehension (including me in the distant past), however updating is not beyond the capability for anyone using open-source software like OH (IMO) for Home automation. There are much more complicated things you will have to master.

That said I have made minor edits from time to time to help things along (see this). For a new entry the manual and an XML are required, and it is best performed by a device owner. I do not have this device.

As to this device I was unsure if @haegges was going to take action (to either add a new device or amend the TYPE:ID pairs). I don’t want to take away from anybody’s learning or fun. If I am to add the device numbers, I need @haegges confirmation (and yours) that the device in the DB was identical or acceptable. @Mav63 Looking at your OH generated xml are the TYPE:ID number pairs the same as above?

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Hi @apella12,
thanks for your fast feedback.
To prove the the devices are identical, I attached my XML as well.
network___node_10.xml (12.7 KB).

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to add such an entry in the DB. So your help were very welcome and appreciated.

Should be in the next update DB update next weekend or so. You will then need to use a snapshot zwave binding to test.

Hey Bob,
Thanks for your great support.
I really intended to update the database. But as I never did this before and I wanted to prevent some mess for others, I asked to the distributor whether they have some more information about the z-wave protocol to understand whether it’s really same as Eurotronic.
Unfortunately I didn’t get feedback until now.
So I’m looking forward for the changes you made and hope that it will work well.
Really a BIG thanks to you and all the nice contributors here!

No worries @haegges It does appears that your and @Mav63 are the same (at least of each other).

With the addition of the TYPE:ID it should match the Spirit without causing any problem with the branded version. If there are additional features of your device, a new DB entry might be required, but we’ll see once the change is approved, a new binding is created and y’all have a chance to test.

Thank you so much!

Hi @apella12,
so may I asked for a stupid question and it may is documented somewhere (I haven`t found yet :frowning:)… if so please point me to the right direction.

I found today that the Eurotronics Spirit Thermostat was updated in the DB:
Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-21 um 12.31.30

What are the steps to update the DB on my local system?
Thanks for any help!

General outline

  1. Remove UI Zwave binding - Don’t want two running
  2. In karaf feature:install openhab-transport-serial - Needed in most systems, normally installed by UI
  3. Download and place jar in addons (same folder as the openhab-addons-3.3.0.kar)
  4. wait 30 seconds

Assuming you are on OH3.3 there should be no problem

Thanks @apella12!
It works like a charm!
Recognized as a Spirit Thermostat and fully funktional!

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