Recall last dimming level with "On" command (z-wave)


I’d like to turn a dimmable light on at the last dimmable level. But unlike pushing the button on the wall (attached to a fibaro dimmer 2), the command “on” in a rule turns the light on with 100%. Any idea?

What works so far / my setup

  1. z-wave stick gen5
  2. fibaro dimmer 2
  3. openhabian
  4. with the basic ui i can set the dim level with a slider
  5. the slider in the basic ui changes it’s position, if i change the dim level directly on the wall switch (attached to the fibaro dimmer 2)

thanks for your help.

If you’re using OH1, then please check the wiki. There’s a restore_last_value option.

If you’re using OH2, then this same option has been added today.

Hi chris,

Great news. I’ve updated my OH2. I can see now the option. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately is the Zstick no longer working since the update (Z-Wave: Unable to set the serial port after update from openhabian build 671 to build 674). But I’m very curios to try it as soon as I fixed the other problem.

BR Simon