Receive command from cmd

Hello, I have a sighthound NVR software that can send a command prompt command. I tried to send command using OH cmd window, tho one that have OH logo and Karaf as window title, and it worked. However I cannot send any command from outside that window.

Sighthound can execute a command using cmd, but since normal cmd cannot send any command to OH, I cannot send command directly from Sighthound to OH.
I don’t prefer IFTTT since it tends to be late.

How can I send command from Sighthound?

Maybe look into MQTT?

You should use the exec binding! Take a look here.


Can sighthound call curl? If so you can use the openHAB REST API to change the state of an Item.

Using MQTT is also an option but requires setting up and installing more stuff which I think would be overkill if this is the only thing you want to publish things into OH.

Sighthound claimed that it can do everything command prompt can, because it is executing command prompt commands. I instaled curl for windows, and now asking at sighthound forum for curl command via sighthound because it throws an error while command prompt is doing fine. Thanks for all who assisted me here, please wait for my update :slight_smile: