Receive values (windspeed) from netatmo community


currently I don’t have my own weather station. Until the day comes, where I will by my own weather station I’m looking for a way to receive weather data from the internet. Currently I’m using Yahoo weather data (with the OH yahoo weather binding) to bring the outside temperature insight my smart home. But, yahoo weather is not exact. Probably because there are querying an weather station far away.
Looking to the netatmo community I fond some weather station near my home, so using this data would be much more exact.
For Openhab2 there is a Netatmo-plugin/binding. Can I use this binding to query the values from other netatom weather stations? Or is this binding only designed to integrate data from your own Netatmo devices into the openhab2 world?


See the following for one way to have more control over which weather station is used. There is a good chance that nearby weather station is reporting to wunderground.

Sound interesting. Maybe this is an alternative solution tu get the netatmo content. Thank you.