Received unknown command 'BLINK' for item 'node31_out1'


  1. I have an item ‘node31_out1’ which is a SwitchItem, and I declared following MQTT bindings:


  1. In my sitemap I have declared a Switch linked to ‘node31_out1’, it has an icon ‘Light’ and following mappings: ON=On, OFF=Off, TOGGLE=Toggle, BLINK=Blink

This results in 4 buttons in the GUI.

  1. Logic dictates me that pressing the ON button sends an ‘ON’ command to node31_out1, which in turn finds its binding and sends cmdMQTT/31/1/V_LIGHT=2

Similar for OFF, TOGGLE and BLINK.

But obviously OH does not work logical which causes a lot of frustration. Seems like the TOGGLE button in itself sends the ON and OFF commands alternatively to node31_out1. And the BLINK command is unhandled with a warning (see topic title).

How can we provide on 1 line, an icon to represent an output state, and multiple buttons to perform predefined commands like ON, OFF, TOGGLE, BLINK ???


Actually what we are missing in OH is a multistate button.

Such that each command listed in a mapping section is sent to the connected item, without parsing or trying to reduce it to ON/OFF. The item will try and map it to the correct binding string and execute it.

Similar for the state, it should not be limited to ON and OFF.