Receiving Notifications - is there something I need to configure?


I’ve been happily using OpenHab (currently 2.5.2 on Windows) for a few years now. All is working well and I can control all my lights and switches from the OpenHab app (through MyOpenHab) on Android without any issues.

I have Aeotec door sensor and in my UI it shows when the door is open or closed. What I’d like to do is have it notify me when it opens. I’ve tried both sendBroadcastNotification to send the notification to the app and sendNotification to send it to email but neither seem to work.

Here’s the rule I have:

rule “Door is Open”
Item iDoorSensor changed from CLOSED to OPEN
then sendBroadcastNotification(“Door is Open”)

Is there something I’m missing? Is there something I need to setup/configure to get OpenHab to send an email or send the notification to the app?

Thank you.

Did you register your device? To register a new device, download the openHAB app and set as the remote URL and your openHAB Cloud login data as username and password.

You van check it on and click on your emailAddress (right on top). Then click devices. You should see your device.

Sorry, but also try:

rule “Door is Open”
Item iDoorSensor changed to OPEN
sendBroadcastNotification(“Door is Open”)

I appreciate the quick response.

I did as you instructed an realized that I never actually registered this Android device! I totally forgot that it was necessary. I did see all my old Android devices there under my emailAddress.

I sent a test message and it worked!

Thank you so much for the help. You saved me lots of time and a headache.

I made this change. I’ll have to open the door and let you know.

Thank you!

You’re very welcome! :sunglasses::+1:t2::facepunch:t2:

I am sure there is but the forum is not a replacement for searching or using the documentation for the addons.

See #1, 2, & 4 as well as 9 & 10.

I appreciate the link. I will be more cognizant of it next time.

I see that I didn’t show the effort I put in (#9) and neglected to give more information. I certainly did a lot of searching before posting and tried my best to find something that explained how sendBroadcastNotification and sendNotification work.
I saw it here but still couldn’t figure it out. The link to GitHub wasn’t very helpful for me (I have more to learn).

I understand that OpenHab is a free service and am so appreciative of it and all those who dedicate their time to it.

Thank you for the guidance.

I do not yet use notifications nor do I use the OH cloud. I think some use Telegram to send messages.

I use the telegram binding because you can ask a question an get a response.

Good morning do you want me to boil the kettle? Yes/No

Your front door just opened do you want me to play who let the dogs out?

Notifications are great but on my todo list is take a photo of person pressing door bell and send it to telegram