Recently Openhab is missing some rules....strange

i have like a system running quite stable…1.8.3 with zwave an a lot of http/rest information coming into the system…several zwave swithes follow rules like if at 5pm a certain value is below xxx it should go OFF…this works great, but since 2-3 days now several rules simply do not react and stay ON…so my question, anyone ever before observed such behavior…its annoying as it was stable but right now its not reliable anymore…

Thanks for comments, Norbert
(btw, did already several reboots, did not change anything)

I guess i found some hint, but still unclear why it cannot find timer.rules…i have split up rules in timerbased rules “timer.rules” and the default rules default.rules.


OK, found now some older threats that this is a “bug” in Openhab…that from time to time rules files are not read connrectly…is that still the case, any workarround, solution…cannot believe that still after such a long time nobody has a good solution available…many Thanks Norbert

Yes it is still the case. There are elaborate workarounds using System started rules and variables and timers and such but none are really that satisfactory. No one took up the Issue so it never got fixed. It is still open.

This is not a problem in OH 2.

Thanks Rich,
somehow strange - and could not believe that this annoying issue could not be fixed for a long time. Or is it that since OH2 is on the horizon nobody cares about OH1 anymore. For myself I would love to move on to OH2, still i guess its not yet that stable…even if for sure quite OK…and even more to what I have seen it definitely will take some energy to transfer everything until I have the same baseline…

One last question, is it true that if I simily put all in one file, it will not run into that issue?
Somehow strange…for more than 2 years it was no problem, do not remember that I changed anything except to move from Wheezy to Jessie…from Odroid U3 to C1+…and not it does not work anymore…maybe its something related to Jessie - just to put my only change on the table.


It isn’t necessarily a matter that it couldn’t be fixed. With an open source project like this fixing bugs of this sort requires someone to volunteer to try and fix it. That hasn’t happened, probably because of a combination of it not being a problem that the main developers have faced and the focus on OH 2.

It isn’t necessarily that nobody cares. But OH 1.8 (core, not necessarily bindings) is basically end of life. There will be no new major updates and there will not be a 1.9 version released. But again, the 1.9 bindings are continuing to be fixed and enhanced.

It depends on what bindings you install. The core is rock solid. And it is possible to run using the OH 2 core with all 1.9 bindings which is as stable as OH 1.8.3. I’ve been running OH 2 now for a couple of months and find it as stable as 1.8.3.

There is a migration tutorial I wrote when I transitioned. Even with all the careful documentation and redoing things different ways that I had to do to write the tutorial I had transitioned my setup to OH 2 using 1.9 bindings in a couple of hours. If using 1.9 version bindings, your config can move over unchanged with a couple of minor exceptions:

  • you have to change the imports on your rules files because some core classes have moved and are not included by default
  • you have to break openhab.cfg up into separate .cfg files, one for each addon.

I believe so, thought that is a really unsatisfactory workaround.

I don’t know. I’ve experienced it on Ubuntu 14, 15, and 16. I think the theory is that the file system runs out of inodes or the disk is too busy to respond to the request to open the file.