Recommendation for Smoke Sensors?

Doas anyone have a recommendation for somke sensors? I have actually running 10 Fibaro smoke sensors. Unfortunately we had almost 20 false alarms over the last 2 years. This (and my wife) forces me to look for another option. I have a Z-Wave Stick on my RPi3 and I have running a Homematic CCU2 which is binded to OH2. But I am open minded to any other solution that works with OH2 and does not generats that many false alarms…

There is a LONG thread about this, upgrading to a recent snapshot should solve the problem:

Thanks for your feedback. But currently I am using only one connected with OH2. And it is working fine. The other 9 are connected to the Fibaro HC2. There I expect everything should be up to date … But I have a lot of trouble. This is why I am looking for other smoke sensors…

Why not connecting all of them to openHAB? :grinning:

But to answer your question: I have a POPP since one year and it is working with no issues (and no false alarms).
You may even use it as an external siren and it can be connected to a power supply. Battery life is not the best, around 8 month …

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NEST gets my vote. I have one located centrally in the house and use the NEST binding in OH, which shows smoke, CO, battery health and time of last connect. NEST uses mains to power + battery as backup (or battery only), it is wifi connected and has a number of smart features in it. Expensive, but still a small price to pay for something that’s potentially life saving.

I already spent some money - I have 10 Fibaro´s … :-/
But thanks for the recommendation. What I do not like is the fact that Nest porducts have a connection to “their” home - whatever they tell…
In another forum I could read, that others have similar issues with the Fibaros and replacing by the manufactor did not help. Problems came back … so I have identified three options: Popp, Homematic or not smart ones from Gira… not exactly what I was looking for… :frowning:

I installed a few months ago, a Jablotron SD-283ST and didn’t have any problems so far.

It has a dry contact which I linked with my KNX installation and all is working well with OH2.

Thx, but I do not have a chancde for a wire-based installation. And I do not have KNX …

This is well cool…!

Yes nice, but let me advise that reliying on cloud services for alarm issue can be risky. I m afraid about loosing internet connection or cloud service availability.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the same boat, I hate cloud services (for home automation, it has its place for Iaas) - the point of the link was how cost-effective you can do DIY things with a little electronics know how - eg: the wiring up of a standard smoke alarm to an ESP8266 for alerting. There are numerous options for “how” the alerting is done. Personally I am absolutely anti-IFTTT, all my own stuff is done locally.

Also, its more likely your Internet connection is gonna go down than the cloud service (who generally have plenty of redundancy), so in that regard you’d be screwed, unless you had some 4G Internet backup on your firewall/router.

The Gira Smoke Detector has an interface which KNX. I can’t compare with other smoke detectors, but I’m happy with the KNX integration. When a smoke alarm is triggered, some actions will be taken in OpenHAB (e.g. send a text message).