Recommendation for z-wave actuators that provide firmware updates (without propriety server)

Which z-wave actuators (in particular dimmer - shutter and switches are just nice to have) do you now and can you recommend, that provide firmware updates without having a propriety server of the same brand?

For the time being I only know Aeotec.

None unfortunately. Aeotec I believe can be updated with a Windows SW and Fibaro requires their Home Center (although you can send in HW they update it for you for free, you need to pay for the shipping only).
No other vendor I know of to offer updates.


The big problem at the moment is that currently no manufacturers are willing to supply the OTA files as stand-alone files. Aeon provide stand-along software that includes the binaries inside, but Fibaro will only supply firmware if you use their (very expensive!) hub.

I’ve had discussions with both these manufacturers, and also Qubino - Qubino may be willing to provide firmware, so I’m hopeful that one day all manufacturers will supply these files, and once one or two do, I will look to implement the OTA firmware update class in the binding.

Hi @chris, I see that OTA updates seems to be the big thing for all the new S2 Z wave devices, including Zooz. Do you have any updates? Have you heard from Zooz regarding possibly providing the OTA files?
Cheers, and thanks

I have not spoken to Zooz, but in general all the manufacturers I’ve spoken to would not make their OTA files available. The fact that its “a big thing” now doesn’t mean that manufacturers have to make their data available (unfortunately).

In the past I’ve spoken to Qubino/Aeon/Fibaro, and none of them make their data available.

Thanks Chris.
I suppose I can always hope they make a stand-alone linux app that can be run (if OH is stopped) that can update the devices. For now I’ll consider them static, though, I suppose.

Zooz were just kind enough to send me a new firmware file for my ZEN27 dimmer along with instructions for flashing it ( )

This was in response to a query about a possible extra config parameter (their support seems excellent so far). I’m just waiting on the descriptions of the new params then I need to figure out the XML DB and whether I can locally update it (but that’s a tangent).

No idea if they’re keen to make those OTA files public and I won’t pass it on without their permission, but just so ya know…