Recommendation Surround home cinema receiver

My nearly 20 year old Onkyo amplifier/receiver slowly loses channels and so I have to switch to a decent new amplifier.
I got a 7.1 setup right now. So, what would be a nice one?

I’ve got a Sony Blueray (4 years) and a 4K Samsung TV (8 years), if that’s a need to know.

Thanks - OH integration is a bonus of course, but not a must.

I’ve got a Denon AVRX440H that I really like.

7.1 will give you a nice Dolby Atmos setup.

Better ask on an audio forum ? dvdarea maybe.
Just make sure you get one to have the option for an Atmos setup. I have a 7+2-channel one that you can decide to run as 7.1 or 5.1.2. Those you’ll find around 400€. 9+2 or 11+2 then again (for 7.1.2/4) are always 1k€+. I believe there’s OH bindings for all current models, eventually the very latest ones are not supported so consider models from last year, too. Usually not much to change there. But be aware of HDCP 2.2 and the HDR passthru stuff to work. (from memory, haven’t checked recently)

I have two Onkyo home cinema amps that work well with OH. I think Onkyo went out of business or were bought earlier this year so their hardware might not be well supported in the future.

I’ve seen posts from people whose Denon amps seems to work well with OH too.