Recommendations for HomeConnect washing-machine / washing-dryer combo

Hey folks,

as my washing-machine broke down yesterday, I´m looking for a new one, which at best, fits my current ‘smart’ (I think, this is only partially true, for HomeConnect appliances sadly, due to it´s mandatory cloud connection and limited features) kitchen appliances environment.

I´m currently using Bosch devices and I´m happy with the building quality of those. So it would be perfect to stay with bosch or at least the HomeConnect ‘standard’ (which applies to Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau I think). Not at least, there seems to be a OH binding for HomeConnect in developement right now.

Is anyone of you using a smart washing machine / washing-dryer combo of the above mentioned brands and could give me some hints, on which one I should take a closer look?

It has to be a substructure?! (‘Unterbaufähig’ in german) one and should be obtainable in Germany. It would be nice to have a power measuring feature build in, but this isn´t a must.

Thanks in advance for you help!

Hello @RGroll

We bought a Siemens avantgarde 2 years ago (WM14U840EU/01). All in all we’re quite happy with it. I’m using the binding you mention and it works flawlessly. Like many others (I think…) I use it mainly to display the remaining time and signal the end of a washing program over a Google Home speaker. The internal buzzer is a joke, you can hardly hear it if you’re in the same room.
Not sure if it’s ‘unterbaufähig’ but I’m sure they would have similar machines that are.

Our machine had to be replaced after around 1 year though! It happened from time to time that the washing program would start, but simply without water. They sent a technician twice to replace some electronics but in the end simply replaced the whole machine. All under warranty. And they both mentioned that they haven’t seen this problem before. The new one never showed these problems.

It does not have a power meter integrated though. If you’ve got a normal 230V socket I would think about having a Shelly Switch installed. Then you have your power measure for a few extra bucks.

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You can buy every machine from bosch, siemens, gaggenau or neff which supports homeconnect.

All of them are very similar and just have differences in details and are made in the same factory.

I have a Bosch WAV28M40 and are very happy with it.

Hello all,

I am looking for a washing machine that I could start based on rules, mainly to optimise energy consumption (ie my PV is nearing its peak output, start washing machine now).
Any recommendations for a model that is available in Germany and has such a feature without forcing me to use any clouds or proprietary apps?
Any suggestions for a hack or workaround with a non-smart machine?


Read the thread. Any Homeconnect capable machine will do.

Beware, this is quickly getting way more complicated than it seems at first glance: it is rather simple
to make a non-smart machine smart (enough), BUT even with a smart(ified) machine is not trivial to determine when to run the washing. You will need some kind of energy yield forecast mechanism.
Ultimately you will need a full blown EMS (Energy Management System) to get that right else you will not get the savings in the long run that you are hoping to get from this.

(Advertisement) I’m selling an openHAB based EMS appliance to handle this.

See also this thread.

Many thanks, Markus, obviously I must have missed this functionality in the home connect capabilities.
I will also check your EMS, although my initial idea was to use this project also for personal learning.