Recommendations for radiator thermostat in 2022

Hi! I’m going to buy new radiators for my home and therefore I also need some new thermostats. I could simply buy the cheap analog ones now but it would be cool if I could control the temperature in each room in some automated way, at least time-based.

Do you have any recommendations?

I’d prefer something that works without any cloud and/or subscription and of course integrates easily with openhab.

Thank you!

There are zigbee & zwave based thermostats available.

If you already have zigbee or zwave working at home, I would stick to it and look for a device that will fit into your infrastructure

Shelly TRV, run over WiFi, supported by official Binding. Good experience so far.

How often do you have to replace batteries? Wifi needs lot of energy, or not?

Rechargeable with Micro USB, very low energy consumption.

Yes, I recommend the Tado system. It integrates very well with OH, and additionally the TRV’s can operate stand alone if your system is down.

PS it is ‘cloud based’ but no subscription is required.

Hello, I use Z-Wave and have tried Fibaro, Danfos and some derivatives
of them and in the end I came to the

Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus Version 2 (700201)

that I now use everywhere.

Of course, this only makes sense if you want to use a Z-Wave base anyway, as Z-Wave depends on a stable mesh network. I would expect problems if only a few battery devices are used without repeater node support, such as Z-Wave light switches or power sockets.

Eutronics also offers a zigbee version of this radiator control.
Zigbee is also able to build a mesh network similar to zwave