Recommendations: Replace hubs with?

So, I’m stuck trying to figure out a plan of attack.

I have two Wink Hubs. They control a mix of:
GE Link bulbs (Zigbee)
Lutron switches, outlets and remotes (zigbee, I believe)
Commercial Electric downlights (which I love, using zwave)

But I can’t get them to work with OpenHab2, obviously. But controlling them with Alexa is great.
I also have a Hue hub I was hoping to replace it (for HomeKit/OpenHab2) but it doesn’t seem to support Lutrons

I have an Aeon USB Zwave controller that I haven’t unboxed yet, and am doubtful it’ll control the downlight features (warm/cold) that I want, so I have to try.
But should I think that a USB Zigbee controller can control the Lutron/GE devices with better reliability (and integration) than the Winks?

Also, the zwave and zigbee devices are about 100ft from each other. Not sure how to connect both controllers to a raspberry pi and have them reach both locations.

If I can get rid of my hubs, I’d use OpenHab2 to present out to Alexa/Siri

Any suggestions? I’m in HA gridlock and the family is frustrated with the Wink hubs losing devices all the time.