Recommended Approach for hosting own openHAB Cloud instance

Hi everyone,
I’m playing around with the Openhabcloud server files. Did I unterstand this right that I have to modify the Alexa Skill to get it working with my own instance? (Of course :slight_smile: ) There are no APNS certificates and keys in the git repo. So do I have to rebuild the iOS App with my own developer account to get it working with my own openhab cloud instance? Then I have the possibility to create my own APNS certificates.

Maybe there is an easier approach?

Best regards

Yes, you’ll need to modify the alexa skill if you want to use it. The APNS certs are for notifications, if you don’t care about those then it’s not needed.

Yes of course. You have make alot of configs at lambda, ask etc.
And for APN there you will need also own certs.
If you want those features, why don’t you use