Recommended Enocean Multi-Channel Switches?


I am looking for sime multi channel switches based on enocean.

I have the Eltako FT55 here which is a four channel one but in Enocean Binding I only see two ways (upper press, lower press). I tried some other Eltako but none of them seems to take the other positions into account.

So anyone having a good idea for Enocean switches? Requerement: Should be able to be wall-mounted.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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The binding will work perfectly with these 2 channels and two buttons each. Almost every switch from Eltako uses the same rockerswitch-telegrams

only to name a few

As already discussed in other topics by you, you have to define these manually as “rockerswitch”. I’d recommend to go the textual route of configuration for these, as this will give you much more control


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Oh man!

I really owe you a beer! Sometimes you do not see the obvious…
I was fixed looking for a third and fourth channel. I did not realise two are enough with two directions! So two directions x two channels = four events.

Ok, fixed it in my setup and now I can use all “four” positions the Eltako offers… And I already send the other items back… what a crap!