Recommended "Text to Speed" - Service

I use openHAB 3.4 with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS as an VM in ProxmoxVE. Next step in my Setup should be to create rules which inform my family about to high humidity in some rooms (like bath or kitchen) over voice. I had installed Amazon Echo Dots and Sonos One, so I need beside the Amazon Echo Binding an “Text to Speech”-Service. I looked at the documentation and forum and found first “Mary” interesting. But the web demo could not be opened and the Website looks like a dead horse. Looks not like a future-proof choose. About “pico” are also only a few information. The link from the openHAB documentation about pico to the Debian documentation gives an error. So it seems that Voice RSS could be the best choice from the remaining cloud services. So I am interested to hear the opinion from other openHAB-users, which service they have chosen and why.

I am using Voice RSS since a long time, decent audio quality in my language.
There were others TTS services added later but I did not test them all. I know that Google TTS requires to register a credit card, something I definitely want to avoid.

I´m using the amazon echo control binding with echo dots. There is no additional TTS service needed.
If you set up your echo dot in openhab, you will find lots of channels, one of them ist “textToSpeech”,
just send a message via a rule to this channel and alexa is talking.

Hi Roland, I know. But I did not have in any room an Echo. Sometimes, there is an Echo, sometimes an Sonos One. My question is about the Sonos One.

I tested some text on there Website in German, an it was ok. And the free contingent also. But perhaps, I can get some other opinions.

I recommend the Mimic TTS. You can host an instance locally so you are not cloud dependent, the new OH binding for it works quite well, and the quality of the output is pretty good.

Same here. I’ve been using VoiceRSS since forever. Good quality and very reliable.