Recommended Zigbee bridge for Openhab?

I’m planning to add some Zigbee devices (Ikea Tradfri sensors and lights) but looking at the binding for the Tradfri bridge, it seems a bit limited and that device sounds like a closed system. Is the Hue bridge the best option today or are there other options compatible with Hue and Tradfri?

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What about using the Zigbee binding? That does not restrict you much. @chris our developer can comment further since I only use his Z-Wave binding.

I‘m using the Dresden Elektronik deconz bridge (the RaspBee Version). Works very well with Aqara sensors, Tradfri Lights and blinds and Hue lights.

It has it‘s own binding.

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I use a cc2531 USB stick flashed with zigbee2mqtt, controlling Tradfri bulbs and switches via openHAB using the MQTT binding.

Certainly the most time consuming method, but I don’t think there’s a cheaper way.

That stick should have worked directly with the Zigbee binding. Why introduce the complexity of MQTT?

Because I already use MQTT, and the MQTT binding. Why introduce extra complexity using another binding?

That one is not too cheap ($50) but like the USB size and Raspberry pi compatibility. Plus it looks like the Openhab binding has full support for all devices.

none available on amazon or ebay here but that is a real affordable solution.

I can get a hub bridge 2.0 for a cheaper price. Is there any advantage of using the deconz bridge? (sorry for the zigbee newbie questions - haven’t fully grasped how this all works together)

@ottawahacker if you are in North America i actually got a USB stick from Amazon that does both Z-Wave and Zigbee.

I’m in Canada but cannot find anything like it. Would you have any link?

It really is, but it takes effort to use. This is the stick I bought (the one without external antenna), and these are the things I used to (second item) flash it.

Arg, yes this is a great deal but it looks like they ship from China which means they might never land here :cry:. I haven’t received any of the items I ordered in the last 3-4 months.

Try this one.

I bought from Amazon in the US.