Recommended ZigBee Smart EU Plugs

I am looking for ZigBee smart EU plug but I noted that either they are more expensive (for example Osram Smart + Plug) or bulky (like IKEA Tradfri) comparing to available WiFi plugs. Are there any other alternatives on the market? I see some posts with attempts to hack WiFi plugs in order to unlink them from Chinese clouds but it looks like a lottery.

Osram Smart plugs are expensive? They sell for 10 to 15 € the last 3 months.

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Hi Sebastian,

welcome to the community ;-). As Joachim already pointed out, the Osram Smart+ plug price has dropped in the last month to around 10€ (it came from around 30€ about half a year ago). So i don’t think it’s very expensive anymore. I use about ten of them (9 indoor and one outdoor) in my installation with the deconz binding and I’m quite satisfied.

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Hi. I think you didn’t understand my question. I’ve never wrote Osram smart plugs are expensive but more expensive than wifi plugs. I also see that the choice of zigbee plugs is quite limited comparing to wifi plugs. So, is that all? Only Osram and Ikea zigbee plugs are available? No other alternatives?

Sure. But what are you looking for?

If you have a Zigbee network already, it would make sense to buy Zigbee plugs (even if they are slightly more expensive), since these will act as mesh router so bring some benefit to your yet existing Zigbee bulbs etc.

If you have a Zwave network instead, then you will be certainly after Zwave plugs - for the same reason: They bring the routing capabilities with them.

If you just want a single device switched via a smart plug - you may get satisfied by a WiFi plug. The decision is yours :wink:

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Could you please point me to wifi plugs less expensive than 10 €?

How about this one?

Wlan Smarte Steckdose, Alexa Smart Plug Avatar Controls Smart Home Steckdosen funktionieren mit Google Home und IFTTT (4 pack)

More expensive but very slim (can be put adjacent in double socket)

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Thanks, i did not find those before.
But, 7,75 € is not lightyears away from 10 €. I would consider them as same priced. :wink:

You always should consider that most wifi plugs will provide their own little app, you need to figure how to connect to openHAB.

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Innr Zigbee sockets are also available:
Smart Plug For lights and devices with an electrical plug
I use 2. They work very well with OpenHab. They also work with Philips Hue.

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Perfectly right: For some time it was possible to re-flash the Tuya-based WiFi-plugs with alternative firmware (Tasmota, Espurna, ESPeasy, etc.) by using Tuya-convert:

I gave it a try and successfully “converted” a “NEO Coolcam WiFi” smart plug with power monitoring. Then I ordered more of them. Unfortunately, the “newer” plugs came with an updated firmware which prevented the Tuya-convert to succeed :frowning:

So I can confirm the “lottery”.

Sure, there is still the option to open the devices and flash them by using the serial pins of the ESP8266. But: Opening/disassembling the WiFi plugs for serial programming can be difficult (might be more/less the same for all the similar plugs) because of the tiny round enclosure with the stacked PCB’s inside :wink:

Personally: I gave up on the NEO Coolcam WiFi and ordered the ZWave version of it instead. It’s just 6$ difference. So not worth the hassle and the risk IMHO :wink:

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