Recurring Syntax Errors in 'mappings=' for OH-Pages

Hey Folks,

i’m running an OH3 installation on a raspberry pi 3B for a few years now. For mobile usablity i have created a moblie sitemap which works fine. For the following issue i need your support:
On the mobile sitemap i have several selections. Within those selections there are some custom mappings (Syntax command=label) which have some special caracters in the command-part in it (can’t change that). For e.g. the selection for controlling my echo speakers looks like

Selection item=Alarm_Echo_Auswahl label="Echos" mappings=[EchoDot1=" Echo 1",EchoDot2=" Echo 2",EchoDot1,EchoDot2="Alle"]

or my radio station selection

Selection item=Echo_Radio_ID label="Radio Sender" mappings=[AUS="Radio AUS",Antenne Bayern="Antenne Bayern",Arabella Bayern="Arabella Bayern" ....]

Those mappings break the code view with exceptions like

Error: Syntax error at line 21 col 117:

              Selection item=Alarm_Echo_Auswahl label="Echos" mappings=[EchoDot1=" Echo 1",EchoDot2=" Echo 2",EchoDot1,
Unexpected comma token: ",". Instead, I was expecting to see one of the following:

After “fixing” all of those exceptions by quoting the command part (for e.g. “EchoDot1,EchoDot2”=“Alle”) i can save the changes. However, if i return to the code view, those fixes have been removed automatically and i have to do the same over and over… Other changes can be stored. If i fix those exceptions via the “Design”-View, the result is the same.

Can anyone tell my what needs to be done? Do i have to escape special caracters and how can i do it?

Thanks in advance

Because , is a special character in mappings, I don’t think you can have it as part of the mappings. In other words EchoDot1,EchoDot2 won’t work. You’ll need to use something other than “,”.

Similarly, the code view is a translation of the JSON to YAML and in YAML, the " " have a meaning too. During the translation the quotes you added get removed.

So, if you can’t change the comma to something else (_ perhaps) you’ll have to define this sitemap in a .sitemap file.

Thanks. I’ll find a workaround.