Red Reactor - battery power supply for RPi

This Kickstarter campaign might be of interest to anyone looking for onboard power/ups for a Raspberry Pi.

I’m usually hesitant to share crowdfunding projects, but this looks like a well-designed product in the final stages of testing. I’ve pledged for a two-pack, so that I can keep tabs on it and decide whether or not to cancel before the campaign ends.

Red Reactor’s creator has published two apps for remote monitoring on Github. I thought that some folks here might be interested, even if you don’t pledge the campaign.

  • RR_WebMonitor – uses python and Matplotlib to create a set of performance graphs (battery voltage, current and CPU temperature, etc) and status information within an HTML page accessible from a web browser.
  • RR_BatMonitor – is a simple background application that you might run on an unattended or head-less device in order to receive an email when the system status changes. It can also monitor battery status and create a CSV file of voltage, current and battery charge level that can be imported into Excel for performance analysis, e.g. to compare different batteries or reduce system load.

I’ve asked them to consider adding MQTT output to RR_BatMonitor’s output options so that it’s easy to integrate, and they’ve said they’ll look into it.

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