Redesigning lighting system in an old appartment

Hi everyone,

I am about to begin with my first ever larger scale project (i have an up and running server which serves as basic on-off switch for my diy led lamp, an additional sensors which warn me about opening and closing doors etc., however i have never really done anything with high voltage other than wire a few lights from the ceiling cable and i am a frequent reader of this forum).

My current situation is that i have 2 separate circuits in a room in an old apartment and as we are going to partly renovate the room and paint it, i would also like to adjust the lighting in the room. There are only two cables coming from the ceiling right now, each operated by an separate switch. What i am going to do is to add a few more cables and hide them into the ceiling (just as extensions to those already in existence) and instead of two cables i will have two sets of cables hanging from the ceilings (for you not to worry, the house is old, however it already went through some reconstruction, there is e.g. ethernet socket in the room along with standard sockets, thus it should be up to date wiring). This part is quite easy if all goes well, however i have trouble with the next step - i want to include the lighting in this room into my home automation and struggle with how.

My first option i have been thinking about was to add some smart dimmers and mount some compatible leds (significantly cheaper than buying smart bulbs themselves), however i have not found anything that would actually work the way i want it to - smart dimmers from what i have found refer to basically remotes to control smart bulbs and not to actual dimmers which would be wired into the wall and then had the option to be remotely controlled. Also, with this approach come some (not very extensive) safety concerns, however i would obviously follow safety guidelines and i am not really afraid of it shocking when done and severe “working” concerns, as it may end up just not working at all.

Second idea i had was to install smartbulbs with integrated dimming capability, ideally with the option to change tone of white (no need for expensive full RGB), however i am absolutely lost in the sea of various smart bulbs capable of this. Could you please aim me at something reliable and good enough, however reasonably cheap? As i am also going to furnish the apartment, the budget for lightning is not inflatable, let alone for the bulbs… However if i go for something like this, i will need to be able to show some results, so that my significant other does not classify this as another “absolutely useless time killer”.

Does any of you have any idea for a budget solution of making such setup of lighting smarter?

Thank you very much.

Maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but wemo has light switches and dimmer switches that work with conventional bulbs.
Iirc the light switches work with openhab, not sure if the dimmer switches do yet.

Hi, thank you for your reply, however due to power consumption i would strongly prefer the bulbs to be LED, also taking into account that i am using them everywhere else, so i have to be stocked up only on this kind of bulbs, instead of having fourty different types… I could theoretically hook up the sonoff switches if it was only about on/off, however this would either control whole curcuits, if mounted behind the switch, or be only accessible through wireless if per-light specific… On the other hand, the same goes for smartbulbs… This however would end up being just one step from buying smart bulbs, which would allow for dimming - thus i am seriously considering those, if i can find some non-wallet-tearing ones.

I couldnt find some reliable source for some information about ok budget white temperature controlled smart bulbs, if you could head me in the correct direction, i would be very grateful.

Have a nice weekend!

By conventional bulbs, I meant whatever bulb you screw into the socket, led, halogen, incandescent. The wemo light switches replace your standard wall mounted light switch, allowing you to turn the whole circuit on or off remotely, or still use the light switch as normal (do t have to worry about leaving the light circuit on like you do with smart bulbs) only thing is that if you get the dimmer switches, you may need to ensure that the bulbs in the circuit are dimmable…

Ah, thanks, i misunderstood you. I havent found anything about EU version of the dimmer, the switch dimensions look to be US standard, thus i am currently finding out about compatibility with 240V.