Redundant item names from PaperUI

Rules working on item or item triggers require the name of the item (as I understand it). PaperUI created item names that are the same for the same type of items (though different channel IDs). for example, two dimmer switches are listed by the same item name “Dimmer”.

When I try to edit this in HABmin, I receive an error message.

The current item name(?) under Configuration>Things>Node2>Channels>EditItem is zwave_device_7efa0603_node2_switch-dimmer. When I try to use this name in a rule, the log shows the error message;

“Configuration model ‘bedroomLight.rules’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [6,5]: no viable alternative at input ‘-’”

Do I delete the autogenerated item name and add in my own preference with no dashes?

You cannot use “-” in an Item name. Only letters, numbers, and “_”.

It is unclear, did you create this Item and did it let you create it with the “-”?

In looking through each of the possible interfaces, I cannot find one instance where a hyphen was found, hence I surmise I must have fat-fingered that in during rule construction. Mea culpa, not a software issue.

I am now utilizing HABmin, so have found out how to delete/re-add any items previously discovered by PaperUI and name them with more reasonable names.