Reference project

Hi all,

even though this may be off-topic in the best sense of the word…
We’re currently building a house in Düsseldorf, Germany and are at the stage where we are planning the electrical installation. Of course, KNX seems an obvious choice, but as our budget is tight, we will not be able to realize a full-fledged home automation solution using just KNX.

On the other hand, in our (rented) flat we live in now, I am already (and successfully) using openHAB with different bindings, technologies, etc. (EnOcean, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony, and more).

So, the idea for the new home is to implement lighting, power outlets and shutters (possibly heating, but that’s not fixed yet) using KNX and tie it together with everything else using openHAB.

Now, as I am also a journalist, writing for a german-speaking home electronics magazine, I am really looking for anyone willing and able to support me in this project and, yes, if possible also sponsor some of it.

Just to be clear - I will realize this project by myself in any case, my thinking is just that by co-operating, both a potential sponsor and I will benefit.

Looking forward to feedback, either here or through PN.