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I have a Kwikset SecureCode 888, and I recently updated the device database with some corrections to the channels and configuration parameters. I am trying to refresh my local device to pull down the new configuration settings so I can try it out. However, I am not able to do so. I have tried excluding and re-including it. I have also completed the ‘Reinitialize Device’ on the advanced options dropdown for the device. I have also excluded it, deleted the Thing entry for the device and then completed the inclusion process again for the device. Along with various reboots along the way. Nothing seems to make it pull down the updated config. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there some way I can force this in a different manner?

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You did not mention you downloaded the new zwave binding version :grinning:
The binding was updated about 9 hours ago, so you need a pretty new snapshot to get the changes.

As I just saw in the database history their have been a lot of changes to that device, which not all have it made into the binding yet.
You need to wait for the next PR and then download the newest snapshot zwave binding.

Because of the several changes to that device I recommend to discuss any problems here in the forum.

BTW, your last changes (if you are Adam) can not be approved:


I apologize. I should have mentioned that. I installed the latest snapshot on 6/27. When I do “bundle:list” it lists my binding as version “”. I wasn’t aware that the bindings are built specific to the device database, I thought the device configuration could be refreshed dynamically without having to update the bindings. Am I understanding your statement? Are you saying at every time that a device is updated in the database a new version of the zwave binding needs to be released to include those changes? I can definitely download the latest snapshot and see if that fixes my issue. I just wanted to understand this process a bit more.

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And please don’t forget: any changes to the database effect all users, not only you :sunglasses:

From the manual I could find (just uploaded to the database) there is no config parameter 31!
Wherever your sources are for that, please upload that as pdf doc.
If you by accident misconfigured that device, we need to ping @chris to get the old database version back in place :sunglasses:

I created the entry, so I will go ahead and update the device configuration. I must have used the wrong guide when I set it up in the device database. Thanks for finding that info.

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