Refresh of iOS App

Dear all,

found on GitHub the issue re “iOS App doesn’t update item status” (

This issue seems still to be present. OpenHab (latest release on iPad, iPhone with iOS 9.1) does not refresh item status after approx. 5 minutes. Refresh can be enforced by navigating to another page, but fails again after a few minutes.

Is there any fix available?

Thanks for helping


This is a known bug in the Atmosphere. This will not be fixed for OH 1.x. It has been fixed for OH 2 by replacing Atmosphere with a different framework that works better.

Thanks, Rich.
So it does mean, that it takes a while before a fix finally arrives.
Good thing is to know, that it is an issue of the backend and not the app.

Do you know, if there is any chance to have an intermediate fix for OH 1.x, e.g. by changing certain components or by differ certain configuration?

Thx, Bodo

Atmosphere is deeply embedded in the OH1 core and work on OH1 core has been frozen. There will be no fix for OH1 and there is no workaround. I believe the problem either doesn’t exist or is much less of a problem on the web app. OH2 is becoming pretty stable so if all of the bindings you need have been ported you might consider moving to OH2.

Thanks, Rich. OH2 looks promising. Waiting for zWave to arrive and then I will move over. :wink: