Refresh rate to sample HarmonyActivity

I have successfully installed a rule (see snippet below) within OH2 to switch some relays triggered by an harmony activity change, but the reaction time (time from pressing the harmony remote button to switching the relay) is quite long (~10s). The harmony hub reaction comes reasonably fast, so it must be a delay in the openhab system.
Is it possible to speed it up, by something like “refresh=1000”, what I have seen for other bindings?

rule "switchAV"
	Item HarmonyActivity changed
	if (HarmonyActivity.state == "PowerOff") {
		sendCommand(AV3_Switch_Wohnzimmer, OFF)
		sendCommand(AV2_Switch_Wohnzimmer, OFF)
		sendCommand(AV1_Switch_Wohnzimmer, OFF)
	else if.........