Regenerating Charts after openhabian restart

(Following on from Regenerating Charts after rebuilding openhabian SD Card (external MariaDB) …)

After a restart of my openhabian device, data from before the restart is not being displayed in the charts (Page of type Chart).

Any ideas most appreciated

openhabian 3.0.1 on a Raspberry PI 3 with a remote MariaDB instance

You should re-state all the conditions in this first post. ItNoone wants to dig through threads just to understand the question right.
State the software you use. There is no openhabian 3.0.1
State what’s your default persistence. Is that where you persist to ? Where the charts are generated from ? What is remote about MariaDB ? If that’s where the data is stored, breaking or rebooting your local openhabian box won’t affect persistence charts so I suspect this is not used at all so it’s possibly misleading information.