Regex substitutions on 1.8

According to the 1.8 release notes, the Regex Transformation can now handle substitutions.

I am trying the following:

String uptime "uptime [%s]" {exec="<[/bin/sh@@-c@@uptime | awk '{ print $3,$4,$5 }':120000:REGEX(s/(\\d+).*?(\\d+\\:\\d+)/$1 días $2)]"}

But it’s not working… Anyone knows if substitutions are indeed working?


That PR was not merged into 1.8 AFAIK. See the PR link in the release notes for more details.

Ok, thanks.

I tried your example

But got a syntax error.
Did you get it working?

I would also like to “translate” the output like you tried.
(Systeminfo Binding is not an option, since it is a remote system)