REGEX Transformation to Number item

Hi All,

I’ve got the following thing definition

Thing exec:command:wp_pwrsollverdichter [command="/opt/vcontrold/vcontrold/vclient -h localhost:3002 -c getPwrSollVerdichter -m", interval=10, transform="REGEX(.* ([0-9.]+).*$)", timeout=15]

… and the following item:

Number WP_Sollwert_Verdichterfrequenz "Sollwert Verdichterfrequenz [%s Hz]" (G_Waermepumpe, G_Historie) { channel="exec:command:wp_pwrsollverdichter:output" }

The output of this command looks like

getPwrSollVerdichter.value 13.000000

When I change the item type to “String” I get the correct value (“13.000000”) into my item. However, when the item has the type “Number” nothing happens - also no log output showing any problems. It just looks like the item is never updated.

Best regards

I read elsewhere on the site that REGEX only returns strings.