Relay PCB for Raspberry PI

I have a very mixed experience with the Arduino style relay boards. I tested about 6-7 different “brands” I have about 10 of them around the house in various state of failure. most commonly the 10A Songle just fail, and I need mark it as bad (always count max 6 loads per board to have 2 spares just in case) or some have a bad separation between the relays and if I do connect both 24A valves and 230V AC loads I get some unexpected behaviour.

The worst case ever was that 2KW (8A) boiler relay heater got stuck in on position and when I found that out it was already at 120 deg C. (measured with IR cammera) and almost metting away.That I replaced with dedicated Solid State Relay with 25A max current.

Recently got that one,
And it is holding quite nice, despite the hated songle relays.

I have a small python control daemon written that does allow control of it over MQTT from OpenHab and that works like charm. If anyone interested.