Release Candidate and Support: Amazon Echo Control Binding

No, there exist no documented offical API. Only call of the aop can be used.
Sorry, I can‘t help in this case.

No problem. Thanks for checking.

I was wondering where to find the correct commands for the Player Item.
e.g. for next track i thought it is “next track”, but I found out thats just “NEXT”.

Channel Type ID Item Type Access Mode Thing Type Description
player Player R/W echo, echoshow, echospot, wha Control the music player e.g. pause/continue/next track/previous track

Monitoring Run Away Echo Alarms

I want to monitor run away echo alarms and shut them off automatically; has anybody done something like this through OH?

My family sometimes sets an alarm for the morning and then gets up before the alarm and forgets to cancel the alarm. I walk up there hours later and the alarm is still going off for many hours from when it was set.

Any thoughts how to do this?

Best, Jay

Could somebody explain me the basics of how this binding works?
I mean as far as I understood every action is simulated on the Webinterface of Alexa.

Could someone link me the file on github for setting an reminder ?

I want to adapt that code and modify so I can set timers via the binding too.

Do you need VoiceRSS to use TTS with this binding or does this have it’s own internal text to speech capability? If it still needs VoiceRSS what is the difference? Note I have a Sonos ONE so maybe it’s something related to pure Amazon Echo devices?



Hey guys,

awesome binding. I have a couple of questions about the startRoutine function, maybe someone is in my same boat.

  1. the command list mentions this for the command. “Type in what you normally say to Alexa without the preceding “Alexa,””.
    Let’ say you have a smart home device linked to the amazoin echo called “Light”.
    Will a mapping with “Light ON” passed to the startRoutine command trigger the switch?
    I cannot seem to crack this, instead I have to create a specific routing and map such routine’s name.

  2. With this create routine and call through mapping method I am running into the problem that for some routine (seems to be completely random and it changes from one day to another), I am getting the log message “Routine XXX not found”, where XXX is the routine name (I’ve tried all caps, no caps, no spaces, spaces). cannot seem to find a solution where all routines are found.
    Some routines work right away, some other work after i edit their name, some don’t work at all, some work one day and return the “not found” message the following day.

Anyone ran into this before?


Hi Ray,
if you can test ALL channels and give me feedback which one are working, I would provide a thing definition for it.

Thanks for the hint, I should provide a better documentation here. You will find the commands here: openhab player item commands:

Instead of play and pause, you can use
too, it makes technically the same.

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I think this would be currently only possible with REST calls through the proxy. I will provide this feature to stop an alarm in a future version through the channel.

Btw, I’am thinking about the possibility to provide a synchronization for alarms between alexa devices. I think, it would be very useful to define groups of devices, which shares the alarm. But currently I have no really good idea, how this can be fit in the thing, channel structure of openHAB.
Any ideas?

The echo thing is defined here.

The connection with all the REST calls can be found here.


The text to speech is done by the alexa device itself. There is no additional software needed for this.

Have a discussion in another thread about something and was suggested to bring it over here. May be more relevant. I ordered a Echo Plus 2nd Generation. Comes with a Phillips hue light. Apparently the 2nd gen has a hue hub built in. Not sure if that is separate from the zigbee functionality? Was trying to see if there was a way to manage the hue hub built in or any way to access the devices that Alexa is aware of thru it’s skills to indirectly manage it? I guess if I ask Alexa to turn it off it will work, but will eliminate any whole room turn off capabilities I could do thru OpenHAB.



No, this is not possible.

That is interesting. The binding work in this way:

  • Lookup for all defined routines
  • Check for matching voice trigger
  • Starting the commands defined in the routine with the routine preview function

You can try to get the defined routines through the proxy server manually be entering this url in a browser (Please replace the and tokens):


The result is very difficult to read, it helps to use an online json formatter service to bring the output in a more readable format.

There is currently no direct support for the build in hub. The only possibility would be to define routines in the alexa app for all operations. Routines can then be triggered through the binding.

Oh, that’s interesting. Are there any examples how you link the Alexa routines within OpenHAB? Or even see them? Do we just do startroutine and then whatever the routine trigger saying is in the Alexa app?



Thanks for your detailed answer @michi.

I have sorted through the json and found 10 routines that are missing, they are all in my alexa app.

Any idea what it could be? I have 30 total routines manually created to control smart home devices in there.

Is there a way to force update the routine sync from the echo acocunt?

I am going to try to recreate the routine under a different name and see if they sync. now I’m starting to think that when a new one shows up maybe one that was working before does not sync. I’ll try to find out.

Thanks for your help!

Maybe the API need a kind of paging, I assume this is a bug in the binding, but it will take a while to fix it, I think I have to test with more routines.

Hi Michi,

First of all i love this binding and thank you for the work and time you put into this binding.

I would love to see a auto sync of the timers, but i also think that not everybody wants this.
I twould be happy if i could set a timer over the api/binding (or is this already possible? ) so i can configure on which echos my timer get synced (E.g. i only would need a timer, i set in the kitchen, in the living room when the television or the light is on)

Btw, I’am thinking about the possibility to provide a synchronization for alarms between alexa devices. I think, it would be very useful to define groups of devices, which shares the alarm. But currently I have no really good idea, how this can be fit in the thing, channel structure of openHAB.
Any ideas?

Well, how about exposing a channel that provides and takes a list of alarms in JSON format?
Linking the channels of the echos to a single item {channel="…", channel="…"} would propagate from one echo to the others. Might require a “master” , as from my experience the order of the channels in the item linking definies which channel updates others.
But that´s just my my two cents… I´m not 100% confident it would work.