Reliable simple wireless z-wave switch recommendation

I’m still looking for a reliable working z-wave-switch for openHAB.
ZME_WALLC-S is a pain to pair and does not work for me.
POPP Wall Plug is working a little bit - but don’t try to touch the configuration…

Is there a well supported model, that will be found and recognized?

It’s not neccessary to dim - simple ON/OFF would be perfect for my needs…

Any Fibaro FGS switch or FGD dimmer can be configured to work as a scene controller, and if it’s just ON/OFF, you could use Qubinos (they have additional inputs) or use rules with ANY switch actuator that you don’t have directly attached any light to. You just have to attach a physical switch.

Both are companys I have already strugled with.
I have a Qubino Dim Dimmer (perfectly replaces any Eltako) but I did not get it to report a key press.
It reports the new dim level after on though and this is enough, too.

Have you found a useful solution fo this?

As I understood:
Aeon zw130 has low battery after 1 week
Popp WALLC-S is very difficult to implement and configure

I switched to enocean-switches as wireless-solution.
Didn’t liked the Z-Wave-Pairing with battery enabled devices.
Enocean-Switches are energy harvesting - i.e. without battery. I don’t like their click-feeling - but it’s the most reliable solution so far for me…

Are you using OH2 or OH1?

Which USB-Stick for enocean do you use. I will try the same. Sounds better

OpenHAB 2 and these:

Exactly which enocean switch did u get ?
Do they require neutral wire for installation?