Remaining Zwave item on error in log - but this isn´t existing

PI4b, OH 2.5.10
I do struggle with my ZWave setup.
Successfully you supported me to setting up my Neo Coolcams and now I am on the way to extend the ZWave network with some 230V switches in order to route the ZWave signal.

I am getting trouble with the 3 switches located approx. 6m from each other. These switches are changing very often (seconds to minutes) status from ONLINE to OFFLINE to ONLINE … and I do have no idea what´s wrong. I changed location already but not helping.

I also resetted all devices and the Aeotec stick and restarted, same story the wall switches don´t work. What I now realized is that there is an error message in the log what refers to an item no longer existent. The ZWave identifier seems to be an old one maybe in use before the reset.

Now I am searching (PaperUI simple mode OFF) to delete this ZWave item but I can´t find it!!
What can I do to get these switches in a stable mode and maybe delete the “wrong old” item, maybe this is the culprid?

Check out this thread. You will find some information there about ghost nodes and how to get rid of them.

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