Remodel the home page to limit the number of clicks

I’ve divided my current sitemap based on different areas (e.g. the garden, the home, the office, status information). When I click on the home, I’ll have to select the level (basement, ground floor and first floor), the room (toilet, bathroom, living room, …) and then the light I want to switch. A lot of clicking before I can switch the correct light.
I want to remodel the home page with a static bar that will always be visible and already contains an icon for the garden, home, office, and status info. As such I have one click less.
Would it be possible to implement this with some custom html coding? Can you point me in the right direction?


I don’t think this is possible with Sitemap based UIs.

Personally, I find an organization based on function rather than location results is a lot fewer clicks over all. And put your most commonly used controls on the very top of the main page.