Remote Access: Do most people setup an instance of OpenHab cloud?

Hi, I’m considering a switch from HomeAssistant to OH2, mainly for the greater stability and ZWave bindings. I have one main question, and that is how do most people setup remote access?

With HA, I can just port forward to a HTTPS port and include a password on the interface. It seems that in OH2, I would need to use MyOpenHab/OpenHab coud in order to get similar functionality.

I don’t want to use the hosted version as that defeats the purpose of a self hosted setup. Do most people just setup an instance alongside of their OH2 installation?

You can do either. However, the Cloud Gateway makes the job vastly easier. You also don’t need to open any inbound rules to your system. It also makes the need for dynamic dns or fixed IP address irrelevant.

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So you can just add a password to the interface? The docs say otherwise. I’m fine with adding the cloud gateway to my local setup, I just want to make sure that’s a “supported” configuration.

It surely is supported and many have this constellation (me included). Regarding security issues, I find the Approach of openHAB is not to use cloud functionality in the first place. I like the slogan “Intranet of Things”! :wink: I don’t like the Feeling, my home being fully exposed - with openHAB Cloud I can decide to use it or not - I can even decide, which items/functionality I want to transfer to the cloud and setup my own openHAB Cloud instance…

Thanks for the info. I really don’t want to loose the ability to check the status of my lights or turn the AC on from work. :slight_smile: Looks like I should be good to go with just running my own cloud connector. Is there something I should do to mark this as solved?

you could just click on “resolved”-Button (the one with the checkbox at the bottom). The thread then gets the “Solved”-Checkbox.