Remote Access of config files via Eclipse SmartHome Designer

I would like to be able to edit configuration files on my Mac for a OpenHab instance running on my Synology Disk Station remotely.

To restate: My Mac (OSX) is not on my home network where the OpenHab instance is running.

I tried unsuccessfully to may a Samba share to the directory where the configuration files are stored /volume1/@appstore/openhab/conf

Any suggestions, or is there another way to do this that is easier


How are you connecting into your home network?

Can you setup a vpn connection?

I am trying to make the conf directory available in samba (SMB), but it is not working. I could set up a VPN but i would still be trying to access the directory on my Synology Server from my Mac, so the problem still persists. If I have to I can try to set up a virtual desktop and install Eclipse on my Synology Box, but that is a last resort for me. There has to be a way to get to that directory!!