Remote access question and setup

Hi all,

I’m after some real world advice please. I’d like to be able to access and update some rules and items remotely during my lunch hour at work and was wondering how everyone else does it.

I’ve got myopenhab cloud working so can access Paper UI etc and I’ve got the Next Gen Rules Engine on but my issue with that is that any rules I make here don’t appear in the text .rules files so I’ve got rules in 2 places.

The node-red option in myopenhab doesn’t seem to open in a webpage for me and Habmin let’s me see all the rules form the text file but I can’t create a new one or save any changes to an existing one, (this I believe is because HABmin hasn’t been updated)…

So, this leaves me out of options, unless I want to do some VPN / RDS to my home pc which I can’t do within my work system???

Anyone any other ideas?

I’m on RaspPi 3 / Openahbian / OH 2.4

I set of NAT to allow ssh through my firewall and I ssh into the machine using password and cert authentication and Fail2ban to block some of the constant attacks against the port.

Some users post their Rules to github and work through that.

I have a VPN set up, so I am effectively sat on my network