Remote control

Is there any type of z-wave remote that I can easily get to work together with openhab (I have an Aeon Labs Z-stick)?
All I want is something that I can use to trigger a rule in the *.rules file when a button is pressed. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t want to control anything directly from the remote. Everything should go through the controller. Sometimes it is just too much of an effort to use the cell phone.
I have an Aeon Labs Minimote but I haven’t been able to get that one working.
Or is my best bet to buy a TellStick and use some 433MHz remote instead?

Hi Andreas,

I’m using a zwave KFOB that is similar to your Minimote to trigger rules in Openhab.
It was a bit fiddling around to get the scenes from the remote. You just have to debug the zwave.log to see, which button activates which scene. I’m now able to trigger 12 events (4 Buttons with 3 functions; short, long, double press)

Does your kfob also do presence detection? I can’t seem to find something that I can hook into a keychain that does presence detection.

Hi Joe,
What do you want to achive? The kfob does not send any information when entering/leaving the zwave network. I’m just using it as a remote.
For presence detection you should have a look for a Bluetooth beacon or some sort of that devices.

Just want something that can detect when I arrive home. I’ll check out the Bluetooth beacon. Thanks!

Hi Mario,

There is nothing at all registered in my *.log file when pressing the buttons so I guess that I’ve even failed to include it. Did you have to do anything special when including your KFOB? I thought I did it correctly.

Guess that answers my question though. There is someone that has a z-wave remote working. :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,
i know i did some attempts to get the kfob included. It didn’t work the first few times. Just stick to the manual :wink:
I have debug log enabled and write in a seperate zwave.log. there you should find the scene-codes when pressing a button.

Did you ever get the Minimote to work? I tried to include the Minimote into my network and it looks like it worked, partially. When I press the upper two buttons all the lights in my network turn on. When I press the lower two buttons, all the lights turn off. However, in Habmin I see an unidentified Node 7 “PORTABLE_REMOTE_CONTROLLER” without any further information regarding specs/type/model. I tried to exclude and include again, a new node is created displaying the exact same info “UNKNOWN Device ID” etc. Thanks for any help.