Remote light switch with manual function

Hello guys, I would like to replace my old manual light Switches to smart ones.
But I dont want to lose the manual function.

There is one from Homematic Homematic Switch but I do not want to use homematic.
I prefere z-wave. Is there any similar for z-wave?

Thanks in advance

Fits behind your existing switch.

Thank you,

I already saw the Switches from fibaro. But they say that the depth of the wall box must ≥ 60mm. But mine is only 45mm. Do they fit nevertheless?
Do you have experience with this switches?

Yes, if you don’t have too many cables in there. Also you need to shorten the cables to get maximum space.

Yes, I have several and they are working great.
Have in mind that you need a neutral cable.

There are also tons of zwave switches to choose from which might work if your boxes are too shallow for the models. I have one from Linear that I chose because it allowed me to change the face plate and button to a different color so it would match my other switches. But there are plenty to choose from from GE, Fibaro, Linear and others.

Can anyone recommend one that does not require a neutral, UK wiring?
I was told that the Shelly 1 may not necessarily need a neutral?

Hi everybody,

after a long time of having only sensors it is time to integrate some actors.

I´m still not sure if I sould use the fibaro swithes. For only a try they are to expesive for me.

I found the swithes from intertechno. But here is the same Problem why I don´t want to use Homematic. With the cul I can´t control other devices.

What are you using in your smarthome (Germany)?
Which Technology would you recommend?

Thank you for your Help.

As sihui mentioned the zwave-Switches from fibaro works great. I use the dimmer and rollershutter switches too.
You can send commands to other z-wave devices directly or handle all inside of OH with rules (I prefer this one).

Only the dimension of the device do not fit behind my exisiting switches. This is mentioned too here in the post. But I have a hammer to extent the space behind the switches. No big deal.

For those in the US, I’ve been happy with the Homeseer zwave switches.