Remote persistence

Hi everybody,

currently I am not really using persistence. The reason for that is: I am running openHAB2 on my raspberry pi and I don’t want to store all persistence data on the PI’s SD card (I don’t trust it ). Hence, I am looking for a remote persistence solution. The DynamoDB persistence service looked promising, but it looks like it is not maintained anymore. All traffic needs to be encrypted of course. Is there any solution yet? Or is it, for example, possible to use the influx service with a remote DB?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Isn’t it possible to “move” the persistence folder (like rrd4j) using symbolic links? That way you could save the data to a storage place you consider save (solid drive connected to your PI?) without moving to another machine.


You can use the influxdb service to communicate to a db running on another computer. You just have to set the url to point to that other server.

@craigh, thanks - that is good news. And is it possible to use TLS encryption for communication?

I’m not sure about that.

Hey… I run into the same issue. Any resolution? Cheers