Remote UIs Mangled with OOH 2.5 Build #1500

I just upgraded from OH 2.4 release to OH 2.5 #1500 to get some of the fixes to MQTT 2 binding before starting migration to it and I noticed so strangeness in the UIs.

Before continuing, yes, I cleared the cache and there are no relevant errors in the logs (I have some error from the embedded MQTT broker which I’ve not researched yet but that is it.

The behavior I’m seeing is both BasicUI and PaperUI are not rendering correctly when accessed through In the phone app everything is fine, I only see this on the web UI and only when accessing it through

Correct BasicUI rendered on LAN:

BasicUI rendered through

Notice there is only one column and all the switches are replaced with checkboxes and all the > to open a subframe are replaced with boxes. I cannot open a subframe either so the problem is more than just cosmetic.

For PaperUI, correct rendering from LAN:

And through

Before I file an issue I wanted to post this here in case others are seeing the same.