Remote USB / USB over IP?


I have a server in the basement, running all the other server applications I have.
I would love to run openhab2 on that server. However I have a usb rfxtrx and a usb z-wave dongle, and unfortunately range is to low to put them into the basement.

Any idea how to handle this?


You could try a hardware solution like this, or this. I have succesfully used a similar product!
There is also the USB redirection sofware solution like this. I never tried this one!

Search on Google for usb to network hub.

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I use a library called ser2net which makes my serial connection available via tcp. The serial connection is actually via USB. Depending on your devices, that may work, or you may need to look for something along the same lines specifically for USB.

This allows me to have the USB-serial on a remote PI within the house, and then connect to it via my server which has openhab running…

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  • ser2net and socat (or the like) and place the USB dongles on a Raspberry Pi or the like in a good place and let openHAB get access to it over the network

  • host a second openHAB instance on a Pi or whatever in the good location and use MQTT EventBus to link the two instances together

  • host openHAB on a Pi or whatever in the good location and give up on running it in the basement

I used virtualhere on a pi to send a usb over IP before. Not with a Z wave dongle though.