Remotely connect to openHAB


remotely connect to you openHAB

I have done all Steps in from the dokumentation but i am not able to remotely connect.

On the Website Staus is Online and my Ipone is show under my Devices
Send a message to this device - working

I have set remote URL in the app (iOS) and username and password

If i try to connect the IOS App says “Erorr the request Timed out”


I just looked at my iPad and it appears you have it right. The only difference is that on mine I didn’t put in the trailing slash. Remote = Not sure if it would make a difference but it’s worth a try.

You could also open a browser on you iPhone or iPad and see if you can bring up Also try the url on the command line of your browser (obviously replace the various parts with your specific openhab info) That should turn on or off the specific device from the browser.

No this is not working.

I trieed to remove the remote path then i get the error „Remote URL is not configured“
The Browser Link only showes a blank page.


@Stefan39135, can you please try to open ?

now it works, in my openhab.cfg the Port has benn wrong, thanky you all