Removal of the OH 1.x Compatibility Layer

Java 8 Update 191

I just checked both, thing status and online channel. Both report that Ip address in my local network is online. But it is not. A normal ping in command shell tells me timeout, host not reachable (which is correct).

As Jan suggested, please open an issue at It is supposed to work. As far as the developers are concerned, they think it does work. If users don’t file issues when something doesn’t work then of course, it will never get fixed.

I think from a users point of view there is an open github-issue. So if a “normal” user has made it to the github-issue and has also read the conversation it seems that there might me a fix but as the issue is open there is no need to to anything if it’s not working.
I know what you mean but I think here it is just not clear to a user why he should open an issue or should just write “here it is not working, too” in the issue-conversation.
What do you think?

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and it was also discussed in many threads and posts within this forum additionally…I have given up on Network binding…

Well, in this particular case the last comment in the issue thread was

This ticket appears to indicate this is a a JDK bug that has been fixed in build 138.

If it were me, and I read that, and tired a Java Build greater than 138, I would chime in and say “Doesn’t work for me with build XYZ”.

Yes, me, too. But the average user? I think in this case it’s not so simple to do the “right” thing as user.

The issue you linked above was in openhab1-addons. No way anyone could fix an bug in an OH2 addon that was reported for OH1.

No way to help you then. From time to time I go through open issues in github an fix some of them. But I can‘t and will not read every post on the forum. For sure not for binding that I don’t use.


The network binding is currently maintained by two people and the chance is high that you will get a fix. And as said, there is no open issue on openhab2-addons. That is really ignorant of you, I have to say.

I know we two already had this discussion…
For a normal user of openHAB it‘s not so normal to register at an developer platform to create an issue when he already mentioned an issue/bug in the community.
I know it‘s an endless discussion :wink:

This has been discussed before?
This was my concern here, too.
I think it wil get easier that people are willing to register at github and file issues over time, but it is really unknown terrain for the average user. And therefore this case where an issue is open and the user has made it so far isn’t obvious what he should do.
Besides @J-N-K hint it was an oh1-issue where there were complaints about an oh2-issue. That’s a valid point of course…

I could have sworn I was in the 1 addons repo. I must have hit a 1 by mistake. My bad.

Unfortunately then we can’t support such “normal users.” It’s really as simple as that. It’s an open source project. And I, as someone who is not using the binding or not seeing the same problem, am not in a position to file an issue myself.

It’s a limitation of open source I guess.

If you want to report an Issue to Microsoft, you need to register there as well. Same for Adobe etc. There is no real difference to commercial offerings. And github is really easy to use, especially if someone made it to the register screen for this forum at some point as well.

It’s the very first posting (last lines)

No, not mandatory. It’s also possible that you have to communicate with the microsoft partner and he tries to reach microsoft and gets only the wrong department and after one week someone of the right department calls back and wants to investigate. And that for an ERP-Solution.
Yes, sorry OT but just happened last week…

Are there pinned posts in this forum where it’s explained that a user should file an issue at github in such cases? I don’t have an overview atm, but if that’s not the case, may be something to consider? Just spontanious idea…

edit: would it be something which could be added to this thread?

That‘s fine but then i don‘t understand why you (not you as a person but pointing to the „we“ you used) would like to make things easier for new users.
Why does the user needs to report the issue in GitHub?
Why can‘t he just report the issue here in the community as a central point of communication for users.
The GitHub part still takes place by the maintainer.
I can‘t see how the project wants to gets new users with shiny UIs and easy onboarding but still requires them to register another account at a developer platform to report an bug.
Yes i know, no one get‘s payed for support and there‘s not helpdesk.
Atleast there should be a discussion take place how this will be handled in the future.

Not really.
Just call the hotline and get help.
Keep in mind, we‘re talking about the user perspective and not the business perspective.
You can‘t compare open source to paid products, because all the other time it‘s discussed that oH is free to use and therefore has no helpdesk.

I’m not talking about getting help. I’m talking about reporting bugs. If you are part of the microsoft developer thingy to report problems in windows, you do need an account. Of course. The consumer hotline will not do that for you. They will be more like… “Oh it doesn’t work for you… please restart your computer.”

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In some threads, e.g. new bindings, the maintainer has made the thread to discuss the new binding ideas and when users which weren’t at github had issues the maintainer had filed the issues. I think there’s not one way for this topic how it should be handled. May be there could be a mixed approach in the future.
Enough OT, may be it’s the best to discuss this in a seperate thread when the main OH3-directions are done.

User perspective… :roll_eyes:
First you talked about issue now about bugs.
An issue will be reported to the hotline and needs to be clarified as a bug.
How should a USER know if it‘s an issue or an bug?