Remove Demo from OH2


I’ve cleaned up my OH2 installation from snapshot (offline) by removing the demo items/rules, etc, however when I updated the snaphot (apt upgrade), all of the demo bits & pieces came back… Is there a way to cleanly remove the demo parts from OH2, so that it doesn’t come back with every update?


You need to edit
/conf/services/addons.cfg and/or (depending on your build nr.)
and comment out
package=demo so it reads
then restart openHAB.

Thank you - that had worked.

In my case it was under /var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.openhab.addons.cfg


Okay, forgot to ask if you are on a manual or apt install :joy:

Hi Sihui,
after my first beginning i tried to get rid of my faulty stuff but didn´t succeed. Is there also a way to delete all operations in an own built up package?

If you just want to delete the demo package, delete every file starting with demo.* in these folders:

If you want a complete clean start delete also your JsonDB files. Note: everything is gone then, not just the demo package.
Always do a backup first!
It is probably easier to just do a clean openHAB install from scratch.

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